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hubabruba Admin Member
hubabruba about 1 month ago
Sup My Wall peeps, here today to update yall on how things are goin. First of all, Im doing great, second i Finally made it to Sr. Moderator, my next goal is to possibly make it to Admin but thats probably not gonna be till a long time when the server REALLY grows! hubabruba signing off!
2 months ago
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1 day ago
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Minecraft: hubabruba
Discord: seraphimplays
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Goals about 1 month ago

Update: I did it! i've made it to Sr. Moderator yay!

Goals about 1 month ago

I have a few goals in mind for the Future of CoastsideMC as a Community.


1. Achieve atleast 10 active players at once in the Playerbase someday.


2. Have a more active Discord community!


(and maybe become a Sr. Moderator some day or something, lol)


Thats what i'd like to see in CoastsideMC, This Server has alot of potential in my eyes and i want to be there to Experience all of it! :D

Heya, I am hubabruba, ive somewhat been here since day 1? My goal here is to make friends and someday build a successful community kingdom within the Server!

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