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🌊 CoastSideMC - Grand Opening Announcement! 🌊
puddlepirate06 Founder Of CoastSideMC
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3 months ago

🌊 CoastSideMC - Grand Opening Announcement! 🌊

📅 Date: February 28/29/ March 1, 2024


Ahoy, Minecraft Adventurers!


The tides have shifted, the winds are favorable, and today marks the grand opening of CoastSideMC! Welcome to a coastal haven where the sunsets are breathtaking, and your Minecraft adventures are about to reach a whole new level.


⛵ What Awaits You at CoastSideMC?

🐬 Exotic Islands: Sail through our diverse and picturesque islands. From sandy shores to lush jungles, each island is a unique canvas for your creations.

🎣 Fishing Extravaganza: Dive into our bountiful waters for a fishing experience like no other. Discover rare catches, participate in fishing contests, and trade your treasures with fellow anglers.

🏰 Harbor Towns: Explore charming harbor towns crafted by our community. Team up with friends, establish your seaside base, and contribute to the growing allure of CoastSideMC.


🌐 Server Features:

🌊 Enhanced Ocean Biomes: Dive deep into revamped ocean biomes featuring coral reefs, shipwrecks, and mysterious underwater caves.

🏴‍☠️ Pirate Quests: Unearth hidden treasures, follow ancient maps, and beware of pirate curses as you embark on daring quests that will test your skills and courage.

🌀 Underwater Adventures: Equip your tridents and venture into the depths. Uncover secrets, encounter rare sea creatures, and master the art of underwater building.


🎉 Launch Celebrations:

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we're hosting launch events, giveaways, and a spectacular fireworks display! Join us in-game and on our Discord for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

📜 Server Rules:

Before you set sail, familiarize yourself with our server rules. Mutual respect, creativity, and a sense of camaraderie are the cornerstones of our coastal community.



🌐 Server IP: play.coastsidemc.com


📣 Connect with Us:


🌊 Website: coastsidemc.com

📸 instagram: @CoastSideMC

📷 Youtube: @CoastSideM


⚓ Prepare to Set Sail!


Embark on an epic journey, build magnificent structures, and become a legend in the coastal realm of CoastSideMC. The shores are calling, and your adventure begins now!


🔗 Connect to CoastSideMC and let the coastal escapades commence!

Sail forth, brave explorers!


Warm regards,

The CoastSideMC Crew

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Warmest Regards